To provide the high-quality, multidisciplinary training required by the ESRs/ERs and the wider community, SPINEFX will deliver a series of high-quality workshops open to both ESRs/ERs within the Network and researchers from outside the Network. One workshop (Spinal Anatomy) will be industry-led with additional academic participation, whilst the others will contain significant academic and clinical involvement. All ESRs/ERs will be encouraged to attend these workshops, subject to their training plan, in order to develop a dynamic Network experience. The final workshop will be the Network Conference used to disseminate the outcomes of SPINEFX, which will be delivered as a satellite conference at the 2013 EuroSpine Meeting organised by the Spine Society of Europe and held from 2nd to 4th October 2013 in Liverpool, UK.

Upcoming Events

For a list of upcoming SpineFX network-wide workshops, please scroll down this page and click on 'Read more' for further information. Alternatively, please contact us. We can then send you information about these events once details are finalised and registration begins.

Past Events

SpineFX Workshop: Research Management Skills for the Biomedical Engineer, 13-16 July 2010, Devonshire Hall, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK.SpineFX Workshop: Research Management Skills for the Biomedical Engineer, July 2010.

This first SpineFX workshop had sessions on ethics, statistics, intellectual property, project management, posters and presentations. The sessions were well-received with lectures obtaining a minimum satisfaction of >80% in terms of relevance and quality of the presentation. Comments from participants included:

"There was a diverse range of nationalities in the course. This worked brilliantly and I am sure that we will continue to keep in touch. Excellent to have been all in one place and to meet other young researchers."

"Interested in Biomechanics, but then I found out it was all about doing research and getting started. That was much better! And I am happy to be here. I will recommend the course to other young fellows. Thanks!"

"Management is not a skill one is typically taught in Engineering School or fomally during graduate work. Management is an area I may want to enter and to get all these lectures at a single workshop was very appealing. Now, having taken the course, it was well worth it."

"The 'initial' program was attractive to me and also the opportunity to work with people from other countries. It is also a great opportunity to improve my English. Thank you! I enjoyed it a lot!"

SpineFX Workshop: Spinal Anatomy, 21-25 March 2011, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany.SpineFX Workshop: Spinal Anatomy, March 2011.

The second SpineFX workshop concentrated on spinal anatomy. A panel of renowned experts in the field of spine surgery presented both classic issues and promising trends in their lectures, and hands-on workshops with sawbones and human cadavers allowed for the translation of acquired knowledge into practical skills. Again feedback was excellent (>95% satisfaction rate). Participants comments included:

"Very hands-on, great opportunity to work with cadavers and get a feel for a wide range of spinal devices / implants."

"The academic program was very well organised and all section of the spine were considered to give a good overview of available treatments and solutions."

"The most useful aspect of the course was, in my case, the opportunity to observe a kyphoplasty in the Military hospital, and the lectures, especially on cement and vertebroplasty, etc."

SpineFX Workshop: Research Management Skills for the Biomedical Engineer, 12-15 July 2010, Devonshire Hall, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK.IMG_1935_2

The second delivery of the Research Management Skills workshop was also extremely successful. Delegates took part in hands-on training sessions on ethics, IP, effective presentation skills, poster design, and project management. The course also included an additional session on PhD planning. Networking time was facilitated by an ice-breaker session, quiz/dinner and an informal poster critique session in the evening. After the event, attendees created a SPINEFX Facebook group to further networking. Some of the comments included:

"Learnt a ridiculous amount of useful things!"

"Good tasks made me think and learn."

"Lectures were interactive and well thought through."                                                                   

SpineFX Workshop: Computational Biomechanics, 30 August - 2 September 2011, Technical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria.SpineFX Workshop: Computational Biomechanics, August 2011.

The fourth SpineFX workshop focused on musculoskeletal modeling, tissue modeling, finite element analysis and inelastic deformation. Delegates attended lectures and received hands-on training in various aspects of computational biomechanics. Lectures were of the highest standard and were given by recognised specialists in their fields of research from TU WIEN, University of Aalborg, and SPINEFX Associated Partner the Czech Technical University of Prague (CTUP). The workshop received a high level of satisfaction and feedback was positive. Comments included:

"Good introduction to a new field."

"It is good to see problems that other institutes are dealing with."

SpineFX Workshop: Clinical and Experimental Imaging, 25-28 September 2011, Technical University of Harburg-Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany.SpineFX Workshop: Clinical and Experimental Imaging, September 2011.

Realising the critical importance of medical imaging in biomechanical research, as well as in navigation and diagnostics, the fifth SpineFX workshop focussed on introducing various imaging technologies and the physics behind them. Attendees gained a basic knowledge of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), x-ray and computed tomography (CT), nuclear based single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), and ultrasonography (US). Presentations were given by scientists from Philips Research who are also university lecturers. Feedback from the workshop was again extremely good. Comments included:

"Since I work with CT, the workshop gave me more insight about the machine I use." 

"You did a great workshop. Thanks!" 

"Really broad overview of all imaging devices. Nice to see imaging tools..."

"Both theoretical and hands-on was nice. It was good to have experienced lecturers."

More Network Events coming soon ...